Yelabus has a number of regular operations as follows:
    1.  yelabus connect.
      This service operates every Friday morning from  Eversley, Yateley and Blackwater/Hawley to Tesco at the Meadows and Camberley Town Centre.  HCC make a charge for travel on this service and there are certain conditions with which passengers must comply.  Financial support is provided by Hampshire County Council.
    2. Monday Shopper.
      Every Monday there is a service from Yateley to Tesco at the Meadows and on alternate Mondays we can also provide a service to and from Yateley Library.  This service is only available to passengers living within the Yateley Town Council (who meet all costs) boundaries so there is no charge to the passengers.  The service allows approximately two hours at the Meadows before the return journey.
All of these services operate as collecting from and returning to your home address (door to door).  This can include wheelchair passengers providing the wheelchair is approved for transport or the user can transfer to an ordinary seat.  Passengers have to be pre-registered with yelabus for the particular service and each trip must be booked in advance.  Please contact the Operations Manager to obtain a registration form for the service of interest.  The relevant form must be completed and returned before any bookings can be made.


Group Hire
When not committed to the above operations (which only involve one vehicle anyway) our two vehicles are available for hires by groups and organisations based in the Eversley, Yateley and Blackwater & Hawley parishes (or further afield) to provide transport for registered groups, either with your own qualified minibus driver or where this is not possible with our volunteer drivers at our standard rates.
So if you are an organised group get in touch with the Operations Manager and discuss your requirements – either a one-off or a regular operation we want to help.


Over the months of 2024 we are planning on running a few small local excursions which may be of interest to local residents.  This is a newish enterprise and further details can be provided by the Operations Manager.


Our Volunteer Drivers
We have a small team (more volunteers welcomed) of drivers who have had full MiDAS (industry standard) training to ensure that they are safe and qualified to operate the vehicles and have undergone licence and DBS checks to ensure that they are legally able to drive our minibuses and are acceptable in terms of the requirements which exist.  Naturally we have insurance policies in place and there are ongoing maintenance standards which we follow.
We also have a paid driver but we will normally pass on the cost if the driver is required to reflect our additional costs.  The charges we make for all hires reflect the support we receive from Hampshire County Council, Yateley Town Council and Blackwater & Hawley Town Council to whom we are grateful for their continuing assistance over many years.


Ready Availability

Yelabus is always in need of more hiring groups or organisations as we have plenty of capacity each week.  We would welcome more volunteer drivers to cover the duties and to ensure that there is cover for holidays, additional operations and also to provide some flexibility when there are unexpected requests at short notice.